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Frequency Converter


A Frequency Converter or a Frequency Changer is an electronic device that converts Alternating Current (AC) of one Frequency to Alternating Current of another Frequency. The device may also change the Voltage, if required.

A Frequency Converter usually consists of a rectifier stage (producing direct current) which is then inverted to produce AC of the desired Frequency. A Transformer will usually be included in either the AC Input or Output Circuitry and this Transformer may also provide Galvanic Isolation between the Input and Output Ac Circuits. A Battery may also be added to the DC Circuitry to improve the Converter’s ride-through of brief outages in the Input Power.

Frequency Chargers vary in power-handling capability from a few watts to megawatts.Another application is in the aerospace and airline industries. Often airplanes use 400Hz power so 50Hz or 60Hz to 400Hz Frequency Converter is needed for use in ground power unit used to power the airplane while it is on the ground.

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