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Solar Product

GPCU (On Grid PCU with MPPT Charger) :

When you want to depend only on Solar Power, or for high power solar applications such as solar power plants, you can use this extremely rugged and highly intelligent PCU. This uses a MPPT charge controller which has a peak efficiency > 95% and harnesses all the input sources – Solar, Battery, Grid power / DG – in the most economical and application friendly way. You can connect any kind of critical load since it uses an Online topology. The most fascinating feature of this PCU is that when solar is available, the grid doesn’t get switched off and grid power is also not used for charging or for load. Also batteries do not get discharged when solar is available. Solar chargers the batteries and also powers the load. When solar is not available, you have a choice of using the Mains or battery. Battery capacity could be very low, if you do not want to store the power.


PCCU (Off-Grid PCU with PWM Charger)

This is just one of its kind PCU / Solar Hybrid UPS available in India with true current sharing between Grid and Solar most effectively and efficiently. When the Solar is available, the grid power will not be used for battery charging for the load. Load works from Solar power. Mains will be used only when the battery voltage is below a preset voltage (adjustable). When mains is on, Solar and Mains do not load each other like in other UPSs, but the charging is done with the intelligently shared current. An outstanding feature is that if the UPS gets overloaded while working on Solar, the load gets shifted to Mains, automatically. Again when the Battery charge reaches a preset high level, Mains is cut off and the load gets shifted to Solar/Battery.

The output is pure Sinewave and all other regular features in a Home UPS are available in this as well. Our proprietary features such as Hot swappability of batteries, SMPS charger on mains and anti MOSFET blast lock and our famed ‘safest short circuit protection’ etc also are incorporated.

iSo CCu (intelligent Solar Conversion and Control Unit):

This is our Flagship product in our Solar range. iSoCCU is meant for converting any existing UPS/Inverter into an efficient Solar Inverter. The most outstanding feature of this product is that it controls not just the mains (EB) voltage but also the Mains Charger which is in the existing inverter. This is achieved by a Patent pending technology which simplifies a complex algorithm connecting the Mains-UPS Charger-UPS output-DC Load-AC load & Battery. By tracking the battery voltage based on multiple parameters, this unit intelligently disconnects-reconnects DC Load, Mains voltage and the Mains charger, automatically.

* DSP based MPPT charger.
* Efficiency: 95%.
* High Open Circuit Voltage (Voc).
* Widest Range of Vmpp.
* LCD display shows MPPT On/Off status, Panel I/P voltage, MPPT o/p voltage, MPPT o/p
   current, MPPT o/p power, Energy delivered & all Trip messages.
* Available in 2V and 24V with 20A charging current.
* Intelligently disconnects-reconnects DC Load, Mains voltage and the Mains Charger,

pSoCU(PWM based Solar Conversion Unit):

Purpose of pSoCU is the same as iSoCCU, but with a PWM based charge controller. That is, it is meant for converting any existing UPS/Inverter into an efficient Solar Inverter/UPS. By tracking the battery voltage based on multiple parameters, this unit intelligently disconnects-reconnects Mains voltage automatically.

* Micro controller based PWM charger.
* High Open Circuit Voltage (Voc).
* LED display for solar On/Off status, Battery full, Mains Allowed /DC Load On/Off status.
* Available in 12V and 24V with 40A charging current.
* Voltage drop by the charger is near zero.

* Cost effective and efficient PWM charge controller.
* Can be incorporated in any UPS/Inverter OR as a ‘Stand-alone Charger’ for Solar Panels, to
   charge Batteries.
* Microcontroller driven.
* High Open Circuit Voltage Limit.
* Wide Vmpp range.
* Automatic Mains disconnect-reconnect.
* Automatic DC Load disconnect/reconnect.
* A complete application friendly solar charge controller.
* Solar charger On/Off indication.
* Battery Boost.
* Available in 12V/24V models with charging current range: 10A-50A.
* DSP based, true MPPT design.
* Efficiency: 95%
* Widest Vmpp available in the market: 14-40V for 12V models and 2-60V for 24V models.
* Open circuit voltage as high as 66V.
* Automatic disconnection and reconnection of AC mains and DC Load, for efficient usage of / *
   Solar and for longer life of Battery, respectively.
* LCD displays MPPT On/Off Status, MPPT o/p voltage, MPPT o/p current and all Trip messages.
* Protects the Solar unit from lightning, Short Circuit, Overload, Panel High Voltage, Panel
   reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity.
* Blocks reverse discharge to panel.
* SCU/MPPT charger for higher power solar applications.
* One of the first and best available in India.
* Peak Efficiency of more than 93%
* Rugged design
* Available from 48VDC, 20A to 300A
* Voc limit: two and half times the nominal voltage
* Wide Vmpp range: 13V-19V per panel.
* LC display to show: MPPT o/p voltage, MPPT o/p current, MPPT o/p Power, Energy Delivered.
* Protected from Lightning, Panel high voltage, over voltage, over current, Panel reverse
   polarity and Battery reverse polarity (optional), over temperature & battery over charging

To run a variety of AC/DC pumps, submersible or installed on land, 1HP-100Hp using the solar power generated through solar panels, our Solar Pump Inverter could be used. Normally, this inverter used to pump water when Sunlight is available. We use a highly advanced Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), to keep the power requirement of the motor minimum, for increased life of the motor and true DSP based MPPT design for maximum efficiency.

* Irrigation
* Lift Irrigation
* Drip Irrigation
* Horticulture
* Aquaculture
* Rural Water Pumping requirements
* Domestic/Industrial Submersible pumps

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